Shirley B. Ring

The Bounty of Palmetto Key:

Rachel Starkey was born into the Starkey family shipping empire. During the year of 1930, a hard and ugly ruin slams many in this country. The events of the era later described as The Great Depression. None of this effects Rachel. She remains one of the wealthiest women in the world. She is also one of the deadliest.
In early March, Rachel returns to the family homestead on Palmetto Key. Due to an exceptionally mild north Florida winter, she plans to prepare her spring garden early. A fresh crop of culinary herbs and other botanicals wait for her in the greenhouse.
From an off-handed conversation with Tommy Otter, an old childhood friend, she learns the island's local banker, Jeffery Manning, is up to his old tricks of cheating those of color on their transactions. Rachel despises this and all the many other injustices vented against the less fortunate. With a little help from the unpredictable Mother Nature and Tommy, Rachel activates her plan to stop Jeffery's shenanigans once and for all.
Two days after her arrival a freak and dangerous cold front blasts hurricane strength winds with an icy freezing frenzy upon the island. The timing is perfect. The hungry seedlings in the greenhouse will feed, grow big and strong on the blood of someone thought washed out to sea.
The Bounty of Palmetto Key currently available in eBook format.
ISBN # 9781613861165
Catagory: Historical/Mystery/Suspense/Romance

Shirley lives in the deep South with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on additional projects. Coming soon, Doubtful Bonds, another novel length suspense/thriller!
Contact: seabrooke10(at)
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